Our Charitable Contributions

We are excited to continue expanding into arts and design organizations in 2011. As a salon we have to choose carefully how much and to whom our discretionary time goes. We make sure that our ‘donations’ reflect our shops unique values.


This year we have chosen to dedicate a good portion of time to Ozark Couture. Ozark Couture is a local nonprofit that showcases local design talent. Stay tuned for more details about this Spring 2011’s fabulous event and our part as a sponsor. We are lucky to be working with many talented Arkansans!

Sponsorships and Partnerships

Over the years, Shine Salon has supported a select group of non profit organizations. These organizations have missions that are close to our heart. In 2010, we are grateful for the opportunity, to work with the following organizations:

Single Parent Scholarship Fund

Their mission is to help single parents become self-sufficient through post-secondary education.


Fayetteville Underground & Art Amiss—Ozark Couture

Ozark Couture was a premiere event in 2010. Ozark Couture is a collaboration between two organizations that provide studio space and/or opportunities for local artists to showcase their art, music, and designs.




The Glass Slipper Project

Non-profit project for the ladies of FHS to ensure everyone has an amazing and beautiful prom night.


The Artist’s Laboratory Theatre

A collaborative ensemble theatre company dedicated to storytelling through the process of experimentation.



We want to extend a special thanks to all of these organizations. Each one has worked toward an improved community!


Hair by Shine Salon for Esque Designs Ozark Couture 2010

7 Days of Disco Promo

As much as we like Disco we liked hearing you say “balls” the most. This was our “7 Days of Disco” for 7 dollars off if you could work Shine-y Disco Balls into a conversation with us. I must say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and gave some hard earned discounts!

It Was and Now It IS!

Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Ozark Couture–Esque Designs With Shine Hair on Top

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